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wasted redoux by sentimentalcannibal

This is an incredibly moving photograph; it lulls me into a daydream where I try to imagine what this red shoed, polka dotted dressed girl is doing laying on those tracks....did she jump off her train? Did she see off a lover? Is she accepting the idea of death peacefully?
The model's expression is perfect for sparking my imagination because it really is impossible to gauge just what she is feeling. She could be looking up to the sky in a dazed stupor, she could be praying to her god up in the clouds. She makes me think 'I wish I knew what is going on inside your head' and to me, that shows just how talented you are.
Also, this photo has been taken at the exactly perfect angle. She is the subject, but she would be lost if there were any other background.
Exceedingly brilliant job.
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